SuperMaxx™ D4 Coolant Exchange Machine

SuperMaxx™ features 4 fiber glass tanks with 20 gallon / 80 liters capacity that is maintenance free. The SuperMaxx™  is the fastest coolant exchange machine in the world, in its class. The SuperMaxx™  can exchange the coolant and vacuum the air pockets from all standard sized cars, trucks, diesels (optional upgrade), SUV’s and RV radiators without taking any hoses off or any spills all at under 5 minutes.

The SuperMaxx™ machine is engineered with special aluminum construction for heavy commercial industrial duty use and has been successfully approved in the USA and worldwide for its durability and reliability. The smartly engineered color coded control panel is designed for quick and easy use, with the smallest foot print in its class to save space.

The SuperMaxx™ D4 weighs under 200 lbs. and comes with 5” foot lock brake, poly-urethane casters for added safety and easy maneuvers. It saves you time, makes you money and is built to last for the life of the shop and much more -guaranteed. It comes with standard three year limited warranty. Other special programs are also available.

• Quick, compact, and efficient.
• Exchanges fluid in less than 5 minutes!
• The easiest and fastest coolant system flush to operate.
• Change without Mixing New Multiple Coolants.
• Easy Access 2.5 inch Fill Lid for Fast Refills.
• No drains to open and no spills on the shop floor.
• Four Tanks for multiple coolant change and flush.
• 20 gallon / 80 liters capacity, special see through fiber glass tanks.
• Energy saving, no electricity or batteries required.

• Can operate remotely without shop air!
• Color coded control valves for easy use.
• Eliminates Air pockets!
• Environmentally safe, no hoses to disconnect, and no spills on the shop floor.
• No hazardous chemicals for the technician to come in contact with.
• Heavy duty rugged design. Durable aluminum construction.
• One step breaking system.