BrakeMaxx™ Brake Fluid Exchange Machine
provides a complete ABS fluid exchange under 12 minutes.
Our 13 automatic Brake Fluid Reservoir Adapters are professionally machined for all makes and models, also includes the complete Brake bleeding Octopus for simultaneous brake bleeding of all four cylinders and ABS System.

• Exchanges and bleeds all the brake cylinders and ABS System at the
   same time, making the BrakeMaxx™ the fastest in the world.

• The BrakeMaxx™ bleeds air from the master cylinders.
• It can pressurize and vacuum simultaneously.
• Energy saving, no electricity or batteries required.
• Environmentally Safe.
• No hazardous chemicals for technician to come in contact with.

• 12 liter capacity special see through fiberglass tanks.
• Easy access, 2 inch fill lid for fast refills of brake fluid.
• No hoses to disconnect and no spills on shop floor.
• Heavy duty rugged design, durable aluminum construction.

Dimensions: 55”H x 16”W x 16”D
Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.
New Fluid Tanks: 5 quarts (1)
Waste Fluid Tank: 5 quarts (1)
Power: Shop Air