Headlight Restoration Kit

Headlight Restoration Kit

LUMI Light Headlight Restoration Kit
Item #LL150

LUMI Light™ provides for chemical, water, heat, and abrasion resistance unlike any other product available, affording you the clearest, hardest, and most durable lens coating available. This formula is over 65% solids, which forms a coating that is superior to the original factory coating.
The LUMI Light™ headlight restoration process is the quickest in the category with reduced steps and typically taking only 15 minutes from start to finish.

Single Application Kit Box 1.35 oz
Case of 12 – Services 12 Vehicles

Includes the Following:
A. Aerosol Can / Services One (1) Vehicle
B. 2 Sheets of 600 Grit Wet Sandpaper
C. 2 Alcohol Towellettes
D. 2 Lint Free Towels E. 1 Instruction Sheet F. 1 (pr) Latex Gloves
G. Warranty Card

LUMI Light Brochure
LUMI Light Accessories


LUMI Light UV Curing Wand

Item #LR-UV

LUMI Light™ formula is cured either by direct, natural sunlight or our custom made hand held wand. LUMI Light™ UV Curing Wand will cure the coating in approximately one minute depending on the size of the lens and the vehicle may then be driven in acclimate weather. When using natural sunlight to cure, the lens finish will be tack free in approximately 10 minutes and the vehicle may be driven. The lens will continue to cure in the natural sunlight.


A. 6 Foot Cord
B. One (1) 250 Watt Mercury Vapor Curing Bulb
C. One (1) Spare 250 Watt Mercury Vapor Curing Bulb
D. UV Safety Eye wear
E. Tuck Top Box with Foam Insert for Bulb and Wand Protection

Replacement Bulbs
250 Watt Mercury Vapor Curing Replacement Bulb

Spare Hardware
Rubber Handle, 6ft Cord, Shade and Foam Box ONLY