The MaxxMarka TransMaxx™ for transmission fluid exchange,
using ROC Transmission System Cleaner, will dissolve and remove harmful deposits from valve body, torque converter and other critical transmission components. It will also exchange the entire old, oxidized and contaminated ATF with new fluid which has the same specifications as required by the vehicle manufacturer.
This service is completed by adding ROC Transmission Treatment, to the new ATF to prevent oil from oxidizing and to protect the transmission components.

MaxxMarka PowerMaxx™ provides remarkably effective cleaning of the entire system. The entire power steering system is flushed, and the old, oxidized and contaminated fluid is removed and replenished with new fluid without
entrapment of air within the components. This service will remove abrasive wear metal and debris that grinds away at valves and seals.
The service is completed by adding ROC Power Steering Treatment to the new fluid. This will protect the power steering system by
preventing its fluid from oxidizing.

MaxxMarka BrakeMaxx™ machine will quickly remove air, moisture, and the contaminated, oxidized and corrosive brake fluid from the entire brake system, and will replace it with ROC Brake Fluid. New anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are very sensitive to fluid deterioration. Furthermore, deposits and varnish buildups may lead to serious malfunction of the brake system.

ROC Additives and Oil’s  extensive line of products includes premium products for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, off-highway applications, marine, construction, manufacturing and agriculture equipment. Few other suppliers can match ROC Additives and Oil’s depth of product selection. Our products are packaged in a wide variety of sizes including bulk, ISO containers and Flexibags. High quality products are available in private branding/Private Label.