Automotive Lubricants

Automotive Lubricants


MaxxMarka BrakeMaxx™ machine will quickly remove air, moisture, and the contaminated, oxidized and corrosive brake fluid from the entire brake system, and will replace it with MAXX Solutions Brake Fluid. New anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are very sensitive to fluid deterioration. Furthermore, deposits and varnish buildups may lead to serious malfunction of the brake system.

MAXX Solutions Power Steering Fluids

MaxxMarka PowerMaxx™ machine will quickly remove old power steering fluid from the entire system and will replace it with MAXX Solutions Power Steering Fluid (Amber & Red) with Powerful antioxidants that inhibit fluid breakdown and extend useful life and lubricity of the fluid. Seal conditioners keep seals pliable, preventing fluid leaks.

MAXX Solutions Automatic Transmission Fluids

MAXX D/M ATF is a premium quality, part-synthetic transmission fluid specially designed for use in automatic transmissions in most passenger cars and light trucks. It has been extensively field tested for use in most North American vehicles and in a wide variety of European and Japanese vehicles.

MAXX CTV Fluid is a premium quality, full-synthetic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in passenger cars with belt-driven continuously variable transmissions. It has been specifically engineered to have the unique frictional properties required for use in this type transmission.