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MaxxMarka Coolant Exchange Machines

CoolMaxx™ and Dynamic™ Series of Coolant Exchangers using MaxxMarka CoolMaxx™ and D series machines with ROC® Coolant System Cleaner will dissolve and remove scale, corrosion and rust from the cooling system, while simultaneously installing the new coolant. The CoolMaxx™ coolant fluid exchange machine will remove old coolant entirely, and will replace it with new coolant without entrapment of air within the system. This service is completed by adding ROC® Coolant System Treatment to the new coolant to protect the cooling system components.

MaxxMarka BrakeMaxx™ Exchange Machine

MaxxMarka BrakeMaxx™ brake fluid exchange machine will quickly remove air, moisture, and the contaminated, oxidized and corrosive brake fluid from the entire brake system, and will replace it with ROC® Brake Fluid. New anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are very sensitive to fluid deterioration. Furthermore, deposits and varnish buildups may lead to serious malfunction of the brake system.
Hence, the MaxxMarka BrakeMaxx™ will perform brake fluid exchange, and will bleed high-tech brake systems in all vehicles including the newest generation of hybrid vehicles that require higher pressure to bleed the regenerative braking system.

MaxxMarka PowerMaxx™ Exchange Machine

 PowerMaxx™ fluid exchange machine provides remarkably effective cleaning of the entire system. The entire power steering system is flushed, and the old, oxidized and contaminated fluid is removed and replenished with new fluid without entrapment of air within the components. This service will remove abrasive wear metal and debris that grinds away at valves and seals.
The service is completed by adding ROC® Power Steering Treatment to the new fluid ROC® Power Steering Fluid. This will protect the power steering system by preventing its fluid from oxidizing.

MaxxMarka FuelMaxx™ Exchange Machine

 The MaxxMarka FuelMaxx™
will remove harmful deposits and will clean the entire fuel induction and exhaust system. The FuelMaxx™ Vehicle Injection Apparatus, using ROC® Fuel Injection Cleaner, and ROC® Air Intake Cleaner, provides highly effective cleaning of the entire fuel and air induction system. This service is completed by adding ROC® Fuel System Cleaner in to the fuel tank to remove combustion chamber deposits, and to clean fuel lines, fuel tank and all other critical fuel components.